Kalgoorlie Power Systems - Established in 1981, KPS designs, builds, owns and operates off-grid power stations in Australia under a Build, Own, Operate model.

Contract Power - Established in 1991, Contract Power also operates in the remote Build, Own, Operate power market as well as constructing power stations under EPC contracts. 

Hybrid Systems - Established in 2016, Hybrid Systems offers a number of different project services including the design, construction and installation of Integrated Hybrid Systems, which incorporate the use of Solar PV, Battery Storage and Backup Reciprocating Gas and Diesel Generation, suitable for remote off-grid applications such as homes, workshops, offices, control/monitoring systems, pumping stations, remote towns and mine sites.

Pacific Energy Hydro - Established in 1993, Pacific Energy Hydro owns and operates 2 hydro power stations  in South East Victoria, Australia.

NovaPower - Established in 2014, NovaPower owns and operates a 10MW gas-fired peaking power generation plant in Taralgon, Victoria. NovaPower is a high-efficiency/low emissions gas-fired power station which generates in quick response to electricity demand in peak periods.