Resource Sector Energy Supply

Pacific Energy's core operating division, Kalgoorlie Power Systems (KPS) develops and owns gas, diesel and dual fuelled power stations co-located at resource project mining and processing operations. These power stations supply the electricity requirements of each co-located resource project under long term contract.

KPS services both Australian and African markets and has built, owned and operated over 40 power stations for remote mining operations.

Hydro Power Supply

The Company also owns and operates 2 hydro power stations in South East Victoria with a combined generation capacity of 6MW.

The Pacific Energy corporate head office is located in Perth, Western Australia and the KPS head office, workshops and storage facilities are located in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.


NovaPower owns and operates a 10MW gas-fired power generation plant in Traralgon, Victoria.

NovaPower is a high-efficiency/low emissions gas-fired power station which generates in quick response to electricity demand in peak periods.