Kalgoorlie Power Systems

Pacific Energy Limited acquired the company’s core business, Kalgoorlie Power Systems (KPS) from Pacific Energy’s now major shareholder, Mr Ken Hall in May 2009. Mr Hall founded the KPS business in 1981. The KPS head office, storage facilities and main workshop are located at Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

At the time of acquisition, KPS owned and maintained 11 power stations co-located at mine sites with a combined installed capacity of 98MW. During the period from acquisition to July 2013 KPS increased its installed capacity to approximately 250MW from a maximum of 23 power stations.

Currently the KPS business has installed aggregate capacity of 287MW from 22 mine site locations.

KPS currently employs approximately 40 personnel as either employees or long-term sub-contractors. Most of these personnel comprise trade and project management professionals including:

  • Mechanical / Diesel fitters
  • Construction / Commissioning / Operational electrical tradespeople
  • Construction / Project Management
  • Procurement Management

KPS currently operates 22 power stations for 15 well established clients, including a number of the world’s largest mining companies.

The business has established itself as one of the leading “off grid” electricity suppliers to the Australian resource sector. KPS has achieved this through a committed and focused approach to:

  • Optimised and consistent power station design and lowest life-cycle cost philosophy
  • Consistent and comprehensive maintenance activities to improve power station availability, reliability and extend major maintenance intervals
  • Commitment to new technology, equipment design and component innovation to reduce power generation costs for all KPS clients

KPS’s success has been achieved through delivering on this approach and the on-time / on-budget of its power generation infrastructure for in excess of 25 years.


Hydro Generation

Pacific Energy owns two hydro stations located in South East Victoria. These two power stations have a combined generation capacity of 6MW and have been in operation since 1992. The two stations are the:

  • 2.5MW Blue Rock hydro-electric power station
  • 3.5MW Cardinia hydro-electric power station

These power stations are supported by long-term contracted water rights. Cardinia also has a long-term power purchase off-take agreement with Energy Australia. Blue Rock is a registered Small Aggregated Generator under the National Electricity Market (NEM) rules and will sell electricity at NEM spot prices beyond June 2014.